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Personal ProductsPFM PRO RCHPersonal FM Listening System $764.00
Personal ProductsPKT PRO1-0Pocketalker® PRO (no earphone / headphone) $173.00
Personal ProductsPKT D1-0Pocketalker® Ultra (no earphone / headphone) $169.50
Personal ProductsPKT D1 E08Pocketalker® Ultra with wide-range earphone $184.00
Personal ProductsPKT D1 E14Pocketalker® Ultra with dual mini earbud $184.00
Personal ProductsPKT D1 EHPocketalker® Ultra with earbud and headphone $184.00
Personal ProductsPKT D1 H26Pocketalker® Ultra with rear-wear headphone $184.00
Personal ProductsPKT D1 N01Pocketalker® Ultra with Neckloop $214.00
Personal ProductsPKT 2.0Pocketalker® Personal Amplifier $229.00
Personal ProductsPKT PRO1-1Pocketalker® PRO with wide-range earphone $189.00
Personal ProductsPKT PRO1-2Pocketalker® PRO with single mini earbud $189.00
Personal ProductsPKT PRO1-3Pocketalker® PRO with folding headphone $189.00
AccessoryADP 010Adapter, 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm mono plug $3.00
AccessoryBAT 001-2Two AA alkaline batteries $4.20
AccessoryBAT 022-2Two AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries $10.50
AccessoryBAT 010-2Two AAA alkaline batteries $4.20
AccessoryBAT 026-2Two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries $12.50
AccessoryBAT AP11ARechargeable battery for WIR RX-18 $23.00
AccessoryBAT KT3Charger kit for Pocketalker PRO $40.00
AccessoryBAT KT7Charger for Pocketalker 2.0 - USA $50.00
AccessoryCLP 014Microphone Clip for MIC 014R $26.50
AccessoryCLP 016Belt Clip for PKT D1 $3.20
AccessoryCLP 090Microphone Clip for MIC 054 or MIC 090 $5.30
AccessoryEAR 008Over-ear, hook earphone $16.00
AccessoryEAR 010Replacement Earpad $1.10
AccessoryEAR 013Single mono earbud $16.00
AccessoryEAR 013 TSingle Mini Earphone w/ Eartip $18.50
AccessoryEAR 014Dual Mini Earbuds $19.00
AccessoryEAR 014 TDual mini earbud w/ Eartips $23.70
AccessoryEAR 015-10Earbud Replacement Pads $5.50
AccessoryEAR 015-100Earbud Replacement Pads $52.00
AccessoryEAR 022Surround Earphone $16.00
AccessoryEAR 023Replacement Eartips $6.50
AccessoryEAR 035Replacement Ear Pads $3.00
AccessoryEAR 041Single, in-ear, isolation earphone $20.00
AccessoryEAR 042Dual, in-ear, isolation earphones $23.00
AccessoryEAR 043Replacement Eartips $3.00
AccessoryEAR 045-100Sanitary headphone covers-white $64.00
AccessoryEAR 045-100 BKSanitary headphone covers-black $64.00
AccessoryEAR 240Eartip Replacement (pair) $3.00
AccessoryHED 021Folding Headphones (Mono) $16.00
AccessoryHED 023Replacement Earpads $2.50
AccessoryHED 023-100Replacement Earpads $80.00
AccessoryHED 024New!Folding Headphones (Stereo) $16.00
AccessoryHED 026Rear-wear, mono headphones $20.00
AccessoryHED 027Heavy-duty, folding, mono headphones $20.00
AccessoryIDP 008ADA Wall Plaque $16.00
AccessoryMIC 014-RPlug Mount Mic $39.00
AccessoryMIC 027Handheld unidirectional microphone $109.00
AccessoryMIC 049Omnidirectional conference microphone $129.00
AccessoryMIC 090Mini lapel clip microphone $77.00
AccessoryMIC 100Unidirectional headband microphone $116.00
AccessoryNKL 001Neckloop 18" (mono plug) $51.00
AccessoryNKL 001 SNew!Neckloop 18" (stereo plug) $51.00
AccessoryRCS 003Lanyard for Digi-Wave Receiver $5.10
AccessorySTD 005Tabletop microphone stand for MIC 027 $30.00
AccessoryWCA 007 WC3.5mm male to 3.5mm female cable with mounting clips (12 ft) $12.30
AccessoryWND 002Windscreen for MIC 014-R, MIC 054 $4.20
AccessoryWND 006Windscreen for MIC 090, MIC 014 $4.20
AccessoryWND 009Windscreen for MIC 094, MIC 100 $4.20
ClassLAT DOMLoop Advanced Training $239.00
ClassWSLOOP-ADVAdvanced Loop Class $239.00